Place Ghantoos

No time for poetry, this is URGENT!!!



Photo credit: António Segurado under licence CC BY-NC 3.0

Not long ago, poets would visit the cafés to sing and recite poetry. There were no radios. Most of the people were illiterate. They were closer to nature; they had time. Today, many things have changed for the better. But we’ve lost track of time, let alone nature.

Here I am, in front of my computer. My headphones isolate me from my surrounding open space. I am in a Chopin mood today. The piano helps me relax and let go. I can visualize every bit of detail I need in order to process my tasks. The datasets are here. My brain is fully concentrated. I am diving in my work. I am getting shit done. I can’t, but love this moment. I feel in tune with myself, with my mind and with my job. Then…
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