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lshell 0.9.16 is out!

I have just released a new version of lshell 0.9.16.

Lots of new code, and code cleanup has been done in this version. Many bugs have been corrected, and some new features.

Here is the complete changelog:

=== v0.9.16   14/08/2013 ===
    * Added support to login script. Thank you Laurent Debacker for the patch.
    * Fixed auto-complete failing with "-"
    * Fixed bug where forbidden commands still execute if strict=1
    * Fixed auto-completion complete of forbidden paths 
    * Fixed wrong parsing &, | or ; characters
    * Added urandom function definition for python 2.3 compat
    * Corrected env variable expansion
    * Add support for cd command in aliases
    * Split lshellmodule in multiple files under the lshell directory
    * Fixed check_secure function to ignore quoted text 
    * Fixed multiple spaces escaping forbidden filtering
    * Fixed log file permissions 644 -> 600
    * Added possibility to override config file option via command-line
    * Enabled job control when executing command
    * Code cleanup

To download lshell please refer to github release here.

Ignace M