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Howto: Install Debian Stretch (Testing) on a Lenovo X1 4th Generation via USB

I have had quite a bad experience trying to install my dearest Debian distro on my brand new Lenovo X1 (4th generation). After many failed attempts, and a couple of serious hesitations to switch to Linux Mint, it ended up being quite straight forward! So I thought I’d put it out here, and may be prevent someone from switching to Linux Mint (or other Debian derivative) out of anger or despair.

Important note: the following will describe how to install a Debian TESTING (not STABLE), currently Stretch (Jessie being the current stable).

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How to setup & run Oh-my-vagrant on Debian (with libvirt/KVM)

Last friday, James Shubin (purpleidea) came to the Montreal Red Hat office to talk about his project: Oh-my-vagrant.

In a nutshell, Oh-my-vagrant (also called OMV) is a Vagrant wrapper, that helps you easily manipulate your dev environments. By easily, I mean: it’s a couple of minutes (sometimes seconds) before you have your env up’n’running with your favorite updated OS (centos, debian, rhel, and more), your own code and scripts (from github or elsewhere), your preferences, etc. All kinds of awesome!

You can find lot’s of documentation on the project page:

This post is intended to help you easily setup oh-my-vagrant on your Debian box. This requires Debian Jessie minimum.

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