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Open management thoughts – Communicate early, communicate often

– updated on October 28th 2014 –


During the past year at eNovance I have had the chance to discover and experiment the joys of managing a multi-continent distributed team of engineers, France and Montreal for now and Asia in the near future. It is on purpose that I did not call the group an “engineering team”, but team of engineers; putting the emphasis on the group of individuals. As I have been managed (and still am) by my managers over the years, I have learned many things that I would like to do and others that I didn’t want to replicate when my time came to manage a team.

Little did I know that the challenge was far from being the easy task that I was expecting from my own management!

I was about  to write an article about the day-to-day rules that I try to live by, but I thought it was important to share one of my team’s major achievements: our weekly open meetings.

This article will explain the tools, steps and rules to follow in order to make these open meetings a reality. But first, let me give you some context…


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