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Seeking a challenging position that offers me the opportunity to employ my knowledge in the Open Source IT and telecommunication domains while gaining the skills towards achieving professional and mutual growth.

I expect that several of my strengths will be quite useful, such as determination and the ability to work under pressure. I would welcome your views on these observations, as well.

Thank you for your time and the consideration of my qualifications.

Ignace M Mouzannar


System & Network Engineer at eNovance (Paris, FRANCE)
Jan. 2010 – present

* Deployment, optimization and long-term supervision of highly-available solutions based on Open Source software.
* This includes high-availability based on heartbeat/DRBD, web-servers (e.g. apache, nginx, lighttpd), Zimbra mailing solution (i.e. postfix, openldap, etc.) , backups, supervision (i.e. nagios, centreon, munin, snmp, etc.).
* Architectures are mainly built using Debian coupled with virtualization technologies such as OpenVZ, KVM and XEN.
* Deployment industrialisation based on a Debian packaging, signed Debian repository

System and software engineer – Industrialization team at COMVERSE – NETCENTREX (Paris, FRANCE)
Dec. 2008 – Dec 2009

* Working on the industrialization of the NetCentrex – Comverse solutions.
* Conceiving and implementing the process of industrialization, which relies on the Redhat package management system (RPM) and its structured repository.
* Securing the solution is one of our main objectives.
* Conception of a unified CLI (Command Line Interface) for the NetCentrex Solution.

VoIP Engineer & part of the expertise team at COMVERSE – NETCENTREX (Paris, FRANCE)
Nov. 2006 – Nov. 2008

* Gave training to our customers/internals (VoIP(H323, SIP, MGCP), NetCentrex platform Expert trainings)
* Internal tools design and development in order to increase deployment and documentation efficiency:
- Knowledge database of the NetCentrex solution accessible via a web user interface (python / mod_python / LDAP)
- VMware server and hardware information scanning tool (python / mod_python)
- Unified CLI (Command Line Interface) for the NetCentrex Solution (python)
* Deployed an asterisk IPBX in IP-trunking interconnected with our platform:
- Core network in H323 or SIP (includes billing and class 4/5 information)
- “Residential” access in SIP and MGCP
- Asterisk interconnected to our softswitch via an SBC

BSS Telecom Engineer at Bouygues Telecom (Paris, FRANCE)
Sep. 2005 – Jan 2006

* Was exposed during this internship to theoretical knowledge about telecommunication including the various GSM protocols.
* Lead one project on the Radio Link Timeout that was presented in a meeting with the radio performance regional managers.
* Participated in a major project to study the added value of probes (protocol analyzer) placed on the A Interface of the Bouygues Telecom network.

System Engineer at ABB – Energy Automation S.p.A (Abu Dhabi, U.A.E)
July – Aug. 2005

* Participated in the design and configuration of automation systems for:
- An ethylbenzene production plant
- An butadiene extraction plant

Project manager & developer Freelance web-designer (Paris, FRANCE)
Jan. 2005 – June 2009

* Designed websites for:
- Red-e-Entertainment Group, Los Angeles, U.S.A (2005)
- Mobius Events, New York, U.S.A ( (2005-2009)

Communication manager at Cercle Rouge (Paris, FRANCE)
June – July 2002

* Designed communication websites for the:
- The jet ski World Cup 2005 quarter finals in Euro Disney in France
- The music festival of Saint-Germain-en-Laye 2005 in France


* GNU/Linux, UNIX & Open Source
* VoIP: H323, SIP, MGCP, H248, Asterisk
* Virtualisation Technologies: XEN, kvm, QEMU, vmware
* Webserver: apache, mod_python, lighttpd, DNS, OpenVPN, OpenSSH, CVS, DHCP
* Programming languages: python, shell script, php, SQL, HTML
* Operation Systems: Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, RedHat & clones, NetBSD


2000-2006 Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris (Paris, France)
* Graduated with an engineering degree in telecommunication and multimedia.
* Projects:
- Telecommunication project and memoir lead on HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access)
- Networks research and memoir lead over the latest techniques and tools of hacking
- Business Start-Up Project (on Networks Security)

1986-2000 Lycée Louis Massignon (Abu Dhabi, U.A.E)
* Graduated with a French Baccalaureate in Sciences with distinction on June, 2000.


* GNU/Linux Magazine France:
- July 2008: Hors Série 37: VoIP Illimitée avec Asterisk & OpenVPN (link)
* Personal blog:
- Creating a .deb package from a python (link)
- Apache2 & mod_python tutorial (link)
- NetBSD 5.0 & KVM (link)
- Debian Kernel recompilation (adding UFS read/write support) (link)
- Running Debian on a Samsung Galaxy under Android (link)


* Author & maintainer of lshell (Limited Shell), a project that restricts a user’s shell environment to limited sets of commands (link)
* Debian contributor (link)
* Member of the GCU-squad association, an Open Source advocacy and support group (link)
* Member of the Ubuntu Lebanon Team (link)


Fluent in English, French and Arabic.
Fair knowledge of Spanish.


Date of birth: November 3rd, 1982
Nationalities: Greek and Lebanese
Marital status: Single


Interests: music, geopolitics, mathematics, IT, Linux.
Hobbies: piano, guitar, Internet and sports (squash, volleyball and swimming).


References and recommendations are available upon request.