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lshell 0.9.17 is out!


After nearly two years of coding (and running), I have finally released a new version of lshell-0.9.17.

Many new features, bug fixes and news tests are included is this new release. Check it out!

=== v0.9.17 14/08/2015 ===
    * Added include_dir directive to include split configuration files from
      a directory.
    * Added possibility of using 'all' for sudo commands
    * Replaced os.system by subprocess (python)
    * Added support for sudo -u
    * Corrected shell variable expansion
    * Corrected bugs in aliases support
    * Fixed timer (idle session)
    * Added exit code support
    * Fixed wrong group reference for logging
    * Replaced Python os.system with subprocess

You can download lshell please refer to github release here.



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