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Migrating sourceforge CVS source repository to github


As many lshell users showed interest in an git repository to facilitate their contribution, I finally took the time to do the migration.

Lshell’s source code was hosted in CVS repository at As I wanted to keep all the commits history, I had to properly migrate all the information from CVS to GIT.
There are no tricky parts here. But I thought it could be useful to have an post describing a whole migration from a CVS repository to github.

Note that, this process should be applicable to any git repository.

So here it is.

Import your CVS repository using rsync(1):

cd ~/src
rsync -av rsync:// lshell

This will create an lshell directory containing all your CVS’s information.

Next, setup your git preferences:

git config --global "Ignace Mouzannar (ghantoos)"
git config --global ""

Then, import your CVSROOT to a local git repo:

mkdir ~/src/lshell.git
cd ~/src/lshell.git/
git cvsimport -p x -v -d /home/ghantoos/src/lshell lshell

You can now set the origin of your repository in order to synchronize it with your github project later:
Note: you must, of course, create the github project first!

git remote add origin

If you get the following error:

fatal: remote origin already exists.

You can reset it this way:

git remote rm origin
git remote add origin

You should now be ready to push your local repository to github.

$ git push origin master
 Fetching CHANGES   v 1.59
 Update CHANGES: 9567 bytes
 Fetching lshellmodule/   v 1.73   
 Update lshellmodule/ 52553 bytes 
 Tree ID d08bca08832a3cf3e73fbc3c678d4d606e5402f8
 Parent ID 11e0a548c82d4c098ee80cf53764f135f47fb12a
 Committed patch 193 (origin +0000 2010-10-13 19:52:05)
 Commit ID e2f7f27a97d923e6bab1fb4aa37341b2dc00c787
 Fetching CHANGES   v 1.60
 Update CHANGES: 9633 bytes
 Fetching README   v 1.26
 Update README: 8496 bytes
 Fetching lshellmodule/   v 1.74   
 Update lshellmodule/ 52553 bytes 
 Tree ID ecfbe05d5b21114ac8dea28185b95cfde284ac62
 Parent ID e2f7f27a97d923e6bab1fb4aa37341b2dc00c787
 Committed patch 194 (origin +0000 2010-10-13 22:40:46)
 Commit ID 7da40f1eddcc48ebfb15f4bdd0591f5517ab713b
 Fetching README   v 1.27
 Update README: 8510 bytes
 Committed patch 201 (origin +0000 2010-10-26 22:35:28)
 Commit ID c7231cc95c7a8ae3ef9be0304602ba8ba0818777
 Counting objects: 1125, done.
 Delta compression using up to 8 threads.   
 Compressing objects: 100% (965/965), done. 
 Writing objects: 100% (1125/1125), done.   
 Total 1125 (delta 653), reused 0 (delta 0) 
 DONE; creating master branch

That’s it.

Now lshell’s CVS repository can be shutdown as the main (and only) source repository will be the one present on github.

Ignace M


4 Responses

  1. Anh says: also supports Git and you can use it as a mirror. Git has a flexible way maintain remote branches, so setting up both repositories won’t bother.

    BTW, here the command I used to convert your CVS repos into Git (don’t have to use rsync to make a local copy of CVS repository.)

    git cvsimport -v -d -o master -C lshell lshell

  2. Ooh, nice! Thank you Anh for the tip. :)

    I’ll try to set up the mirroring between and github.

    Ignace M

  3. Jevin says:

    Thank you for this post! I didn’t realize you could rsync the cvs repo from sourceforge. This GREATLY sped up importing a 580MB repo compared to importing it via CVS protocol.

  4. @Jevin

    I’m glad it helped you out. :)

    Ignace M

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