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Limited Shell (lshell)


As I was wondering how I could do to relieve my wrt54gl from the huge weight of libopenssl and nsupdate, I thought.. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could set a very restricted account on my server, and just ask my wrt54gl to ssh to it and execute locally nsupdate. So I started searching for a way to restrict user ssh accounts by listing a set a allowed commands. No luck there.

So.. python came to the rescue.

Limited Shell (lshell) is an application that lets you restrict the environment of any SSH user. It provides an easily configurable shell: just choose a list of allowed commands for every limited account. No installation is required.

You can download the current version of lshell from the following link:

If you want to contribute to this project, please do not hesitate.
Send me a patch, or just your new so I can check it out.
You can use the interface on

Ignace M -ghantoos-


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  1. asklepios says:

    man sshd search for AUTHORIZED_KEYS FILE FORMAT

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