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Apache mod_python local module import


I have searched a lot before finding this tip, so I post it.
It show how to easily import with mod_python a module based on a personal .py file located somewhere on your box.
In this example, I will try to import the module located in the same directory of my mainpage.
when trying to import using the usual means, i get:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import bloup

>>>ImportError: No module named bloup

The solution I found was:

import os

from mod_python import apache

directory = os.path.dirname(__file__)
bloup = apache.import_module('bloup', path=[directory])

You can checkout my source:

Hope this helps,




2 Responses

  1. stephbul says:

    Thanks ghantoos, really usefull!

  2. moebiius_eye says:

    I don’t think your solution is the best one, let me show you how I do it:

    import bloup

    It works fine for me.
    Please tell me if this is not a proper way to do it, since i am new to Apache’s mod_python.

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