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NextGen Gallery SQL script (to scan folders and add them as galleries)


This time I needed this time to provision the NextGen SQL database with all the folders I’ve put on my server.

Again, i did a little python script. I scans your NextGen gallery folder, and enters all new folders as “galleries” in the SQL DB, and creates the thumbs for the pictures.

This was usefull for me. : )

You can download the script here.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Dependencies:
#         - ImageMagick (for Ubuntu user, sudo apt-get install imagemagick :) )
#        - MySQL module for python (MySQLdb)
#        - getpass module for python

import MySQLdb
import os
import stat
from getpass import getpass
from sys import exit, argv

def usage():
    if len(argv) != 2:
        print "Usage: ./ /path/to/ng/gallery/folder"

## main ##

if __name__ == '__main__' :

		password = getpass("Please enter password :")
		source = argv[1]

			conn = MySQLdb.connect (host = "localhost",
			passwd = password,
		except MySQLdb.Error, e:
			print "Error %d: %s" % (e.args[0], e.args[1])
			exit (1)

		cursor = conn.cursor ()

		# put folder & pictures in an array
		folders = os.listdir(source)
		content = []

		for folder in folders:
			folder_test = os.lstat(source + folder)
			if stat.S_ISDIR(folder_test.st_mode):
				pictures = os.listdir(source + folder)
				files = []
				for picture in pictures:
				    picture_test = os.lstat(source + folder + '/' + picture)
				    if not stat.S_ISDIR(picture_test.st_mode):
				content.append([folder, files])

		# get existing galleries
		cursor.execute ("SELECT path from wp_ngg_gallery")
		rows = cursor.fetchall()
		existing_galleries = []
		for row in rows:

		# fetch the maximum pictureID (pid) and GalleryID(gid) to add above them
		# the try/except part is just in case script is launched on empty DB
			cursor.execute ("select MAX(pid) from wp_ngg_pictures;")
			pid = cursor.fetchall()[0][0] + 1
		except: pid = 1

			cursor.execute ("select MAX(gid) from wp_ngg_gallery;")
			gid = cursor.fetchall()[0][0] + 1
		except: gid = 1

		# Start processing folders & pictures
		for array in content:
			folder = array[0]

			if not folder in existing_galleries:
				print "## ADDING", folder
				if os.path.isdir(source + folder + '/thumbs') == False:
				    print "# adding thumb folder for:", folder
				    os.makedirs(source + folder + '/thumbs')
				    os.chmod(source + folder + '/thumbs', 0777)
				cursor.execute ("INSERT INTO wp_ngg_gallery (gid,name,path,title,galdesc,pageid,previewpic) \
					VALUES (%i,'%s', '%s', '%s','',0,%i);" %(gid,folder,"wp-content/gallery/" + folder,folder.replace('_',' '),pid))

				for picture in array[1]:
				    print "    processing", picture
				    cursor.execute ("INSERT INTO wp_ngg_pictures (pid,galleryid,filename,description,alttext,exclude) \
					VALUES (%i,%i, '%s',NULL,'%s',0);" %(pid,gid,picture,picture))
				    os.popen('convert -resize "150x112" -quality 60 %s %s'
				        % (source + folder + '/' + picture, source + folder + '/thumbs/thumbs_' + picture))
				    pid += 1
				gid += 1

		cursor.close ()
		conn.commit ()
		conn.close ()
		print "done!"
	except KeyboardInterrupt:
		print 'Exiting on user request'


4 Responses

  1. Vanessa says:

    Nice Site! Thanks!

  2. Jacob Stoops says:

    Great tutorial. This really helps as I had previously had to create my folders in my server and set them to writeable before I added them in the nextgen admin panel. Otherwise, it just created ghost folders that I could use.

    Also, I’ve figured out how to implement the gallery into the header, which wasn’t fully explained on alex.rabe’s site…here is a short tutorial on implementing the NEXTGEN Gallery into your blog’s header

  3. Henrik says:


    How would I go about using your scrip? I really have no clue even where to start. Do I need to upload this and run it on my server?

    Greatful for any help!

    Best, Henrik

  4. Hey Henrik,
    As you said, you should upload it on your server then run it:

    bosta:~/tmp$ ./ 
    Usage: ./ /path/to/ng/gallery/folder

    Hope this will be helpful,
    Ignace M -ghantoos-

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